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Welcome and thank you for visiting!

BaeTech offers Car Dealers more by providing...

  • A fast, easy way to get your cars on the Internet
  • A powerful, easy-to-use Inventory System to track your vehicles
  • A fully integrated CRM System to track sales and leads
  • Colorful, custom designed Window Stickers for your used cars
  • Website and Data Hosting to make your Internet presence dynamic and attractive
  • Ongoing techincal development to keep you on the cutting edge
  • Rapid response Service and Support
  • Full service data collection and window sticker placement in specific areas
Our powerful, easy-to-use, web-based Inventory System includes...
  • VIN decoding - saves time by automatically generating vehicle data for you
  • Easy price changing
  • Easy removal of sold vehicles
  • Print your own window stickers
  • Print inventory reports
  • Automatic photo tiling for multiple photos of individual vehicles
  • Advertise on multiple websites without re-entering vehicles
  • Easily switch advertising websites with the flick of a switch
  • Enter your vehicles one time only!
  • Stock photos are automatically generated in case you don’t supply photos
  • User friendly screens are easy, intuitive, and fast
  • Automatic data feeds to all your advertising destinations
  • Total access to your Inventory from any PC with Internet access

for more information send emails to: info@baetech.com
sales division: sales@baetech.com

Advertise on multiple websites
With BaeTech your data is entered only once and sent to any combination of advertising websites you choose. Price changes and removed vehicles are automatically reflected on all your websites. Changing the combination of websites you advertise on is a matter of flipping a switch. No data re-entry ever!

Import Vehicle Inventory from your DMS
BaeTech also provides the capability of importing your inventory daily from your Dealer Management System. This automates the process of collecting and maintaining your inventory saving time and maximizing accuracy. Price changes and sold units are automatically reflected on all your websites!

Multiple Photos per Vehicle
With BaeTech you have the ability to assign up to 12 photos per vehicle! 4 in 1 photos can be automatically generated for any websites you wish!

Your own website
BaeTech can help set up a website for your dealership that will include all of your up-to-date inventory. If you already have your own website we can supply a link to your data so your website always shows your current inventory. Let us do the work and get it done right!

BaeTech works actively with several automobile advertising website companies, newspapers, and advertising firms.  We can send your vehicle inventory with photos anywhere you want it to go.  And we do it at no extra charge!

For questions or assistance call 320-491-4732

or email us at info@baetech.com