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BAE Tech, an acronym for Biometric Access and Entry Technologies, is the leading provider of identity authentication and verification solutions for individuals and businesses alike.
We believe your identity, defining you as your most precious possession, deserves authentic protection and genuine truth. We are dedicated to placing transparency at the heart of every interaction, ensuring individuals and businesses have the tools they need to prove and validate identities. We’re a diverse and collaborative team of experts worldwide, and both our products and teams reflect our mission for a safer and more truthful ecosystem for all.

Our Vision

Truthful Global Navigation
BAE Tech envisions a future where information and identities are authentically true, transparent, and embedded in every interaction. We aspire to cultivate a global environment where individuals and businesses confidently navigate a truthful landscape in both the physical and digital worlds.

Our Mission

Empowering Identity Truth
Utilizing a biometric verification solution, BAE Tech empowers identity authenticity, allowing individuals and organizations to create, access, and manage digital identities in the Web3 ecosystem. Our platform ensures secure validation and verification, confirming the true identities of individuals and organizations.

Industries We Impact:

Our identity verification solutions and technology are relevant and impact various industries and environments:

  • Concert Halls

  • Stadiums

  • Arenas

  • Amphitheaters

  • Conferences

  • Trade Shows

  • Conventions

  • Schools, Colleges & Universities

  • Employment 

  • Federal and state public buildings

  • An expansive array of businesses across nearly every industry and country

Don't see your industry?

Don't worry, talk to our product experts to learn how we can customize a solution for you.

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