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Identity Access and Entry Solutions for Professional Events

Elevate your work event experience with biometrics identity authentication, ensuring swift and secure access to professional meetings, summits, trade shows, conferences, and conventions.
Woman uses BAE Tech's technology for biometric access and entry into the building.

Beyond Badges: Biometric Brilliance

BAE Tech's Innovative Access and Entry Solutions for Professional Events
Unlocking a new level of access and entry into educational events such as trade shows, conferences, summits, and conventions, BAE Tech stands as the premier and modern solution. With a steadfast commitment to safety, our platform rigorously validates the digital identities of attendees, exhibitors, and keynote speakers, creating a fraud-free environment for secure identification and smooth entry into professional events. Committed to revolutionizing the professional event landscape, BAE Tech offers an innovative and dependable solution, catering to the needs of organizers and attendees alike.

Biometric Entry Assurance

Elevate the event experience with BAE Tech's badge-free, user-friendly biometric entry protocol. Streamline entry, verify ownership accurately, eliminating badge-related risks. Attendees navigate confidently, assured by advanced biometric verification establishing a secure link between individuals and access credentials for enhanced security.

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Dynamic Venue Security

Enhance venue security through real-time monitoring and dynamic permission updates, minimizing unauthorized access. This ensures that only authorized individuals gain entry to the conference, with special access granted to those permitted in designated areas or workshops, fostering a safer environment overall.


Automated Entry Verification

Automate entry and access by replacing manual entry checks with automated biometric verification, reducing human error, and enhancing efficiency. Particularly beneficial in high-traffic environments, this provides a reliable and streamlined access control system, ensuring a seamless and secure experience for all attendees.

Leveraging biometrics verification and individual digital identities, BAE Tech's innovative authentication solution ensures a seamless and highly secure experience for users, enhancing the overall event experience, from ticket purchase to entry.

Learn how to create your individual digital identity!


Cost-effective  Solutions

Leveraging scalable biometric solutions and user-friendly registration through kiosks and mobile devices, BAE Tech offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional methods. Simplifying implementation, maintenance, and any necessary upgrades ensure a seamless and budget-friendly experience.


Safe Identity Validation

With a steadfast commitment to safety, BAE Tech rigorously validates individual digital identities, creating a fraud-free environment. This commitment enhances safety and accountability, revolutionizing the landscape of professional events for both organizers and attendees.


Simplified Access Control

Simplify access control management with BAE Tech's user-friendly platform, offering a seamless and secure environment for entry into trade shows, conferences, conventions, or any professional event. Our innovative solutions transform access control, ensuring a more connected, truthful, and safer experience for all participants.

BAE Tech is leading the way in ensuring smooth and secure access to professional meetings, summits, trade shows, conferences, and conventions. Our unwavering commitment to safety is evident in robust digital identity verification, utilizing facial biometrics for simplicity and heightened security. We innovate by eliminating manual processes, offering cost-effective alternatives, and enhancing security in access control and entry points.

Choose BAE Tech to embrace a future where work conferences are characterized by safe, transparent, and seamless access experiences.

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