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Identity Access and Entry Solutions for Age-Restricted Environments

Protect your business with age verification through biometric identity authentication, ensuring accurate verification of individuals' age and identity in both physical establishments and online websites.

Age-Restricted Environments

Accurately confirm individuals' age and identity with biometric identity authentication

Physical Establishments

Elevate security in age-restricted venues such as casinos, bars, and establishments selling alcohol or tobacco with BAE Tech's advanced digital identity verification. We ensure seamless access, confirming users meet age requirements with precision and continuous age verification. Our solutions redefine identification and access management, incorporating biometric and blockchain technology for the simplest, most secure authentication experience.


For online gambling, gaming, and adult entertainment websites, BAE Tech extends its seamless verification and authentication services. Accurately verify players' age and identity, reducing the risk of underage use, and deliver a frictionless account sign-up experience to enhance user engagement.
Girl showing her phone screen of a IVDT-ID for age verification.
QR code of a girl's IVDT-ID to prove her identity.

Age Verified


Ongoing Identity Validation

Strengthen security through the ongoing and continuous validation of individual digital identities. This approach creates a secure environment by consistently verifying user identities, fostering ongoing compliance with legal regulations, and minimizing fraud through persistent age verification processes.


Biometric Security Boost

Conventional passwords lack certainty in guaranteeing identity or age, and physical IDs may be fraudulent or expired. BAE Tech strengthens security through biometrics, ensuring distinct and verifiable verification with every customer access, surpassing the limitations of traditional authentication methods.


Swift Age Verification

Elevate user experience with swift age verification using biometric identity verification. Streamline entry, enable quicker access with age-verified entry, eliminating login credentials, passwords and physical ID cards. Our user-friendly platform ensures legal compliance, efficient age verification, ensuring a secure, seamless experience across digital and physical establishments.

BAE Tech employs cutting-edge biometric technology for swift age verification, continuous identity validation, and brand protection, ensuring secure and compliant user experiences across age-restricted establishments and eCommerce.


Anonymity-Ensured Privacy

Ensure regulatory compliance while protecting customer anonymity. BAE Tech's Web3-based digital identity allows users to control and share verified information such as age and location, while maintaining confidentiality of personal details, including their names. Protect the privacy of your customers while maintaining compliance.

Biometric Identity Assurance

Mitigate fraud with advanced biometric identification technology, authenticating individual digital identities through a robust multi-point process. Involves cross-referencing users' physical ID with a selfie and comparing it to the government ID database. Upon confirmation, a unique biometric template is generated, creating a tamper-proof digital identity owned and controlled by the consumer.

City View

Brand Integrity Protection

Safeguard minors and protect your brand's reputation allowing only age-appropriate users to access your online services and communities. Our proactive measures prevent potential liabilities, ensure adherence to regulatory compliance, and guarantee responsible use, safeguarding your brand and reputation.

BAE Tech leads in identity verification and authentication solutions, ensuring customers' true identities for business and customer protection. Accurately confirm age and identity with biometric authentication for secure access in physical and digital environments. Our technology prioritizes safety with robust digital identity verification, utilizing facial biometrics for simplicity and heightened security.

Choose BAE Tech for safeguarding your business, ensuring accurate age and identity verification in both physical establishments and online platforms.

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