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Individual Identity Control

Your Identity, Your Terms

Person holding smartphone displaying BAE Tech's identity verification app and process.
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Experience a New Dimension of Digital Control

Take charge of your digital destiny as you confidently navigate the Web3 ecosystem
In the modern era, your online presence creates a trace – a digital footprint spanning online banking, social media, government databases, and beyond. At Bae Tech, we believe it's time for you to take control of your digital identity, and we've pioneered an innovative solution to achieve it: Individual Validated Data Token™ - ID (IVDT-ID).
Bae Tech allows for unparalleled flexibility in data sharing. Effortlessly access and manage your digital identity, assets, and interactions through an innovative, user-friendly application. With your IVDT-ID, you’re in control of your personal information, choosing how it’s shared, with whom, and for what duration. Carry your identity information securely and seamlessly across the Web3 ecosystem wherever your digital journey takes you.
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Entertainment Events


Professional Events


Public Buildings


Age-Restricted Environments


Consumer Ownership

Empowerment in your hands! With your IVDT-ID securely residing in your digital wallet, you’re in full control of your personal information, choosing how it can be shared, with whom, and for how long. Also note that ChainIT nor BAE Tech own or control your data or identity information, ensuring consumer privacy and eliminating data breach risks.

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Identity Verification Excellence

Creating your IVDT-ID involves sophisticated verification. Your digital identity undergoes authentication by cross-referencing your physical ID with a captured selfie, compared to the government ID database. When all three identity templates align, a unique biometric binary code template is generated, becoming your IVDT-ID.  This meticulous, multi-layered verification process, ensures the highest level of security and authenticity for your digital identity.


Grading and Rating

Every IVDT-ID undergoes a thorough assessment, earning a grade and rating for digital identity credibility. The validation process integrates the Token Grading System™, utilizing diverse verification methods and a six-level rating system. This grading system guarantees unmatched reliability in user interactions, boosting credibility and fostering confidence for everyone involved.

BAE Tech is transforming digital control by prioritizing autonomy, data integrity and transparency.

Experience truthful, user-driven interactions with personalized authenticity and seamless control. 

Create your digital identity today!

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Immutable Identity Records

Leveraging immutable ledger technology, our platform ensures digital identities and interactions attain permanence and tamper-proof status. The Touch Audit enables instant authentication, offering transparency for each identity and transaction. This ensures a secure, truthful foundation for digital interactions, providing transparency in the authenticity and history of each transaction and user.

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Real-World Applications

Use your IVDT-ID for age verification on gaming sites, securing a mortgage, entering public spaces, tradeshows, and various applications. This patented platform fosters a safer, more secure digital world, ensuring authenticated identity across diverse contexts. It plays a crucial role in enhancing online safety, reliability, and confidence in every digital interaction and transaction.


Go Passwordless

Experience seamless access with BAE Tech's biometric verification, eliminating the need for ID cards, building badges, or event tickets. Your unique biometric becomes the key to effortless entry, ensuring a simplified and secure process. This password-less system not only streamlines your experience but also provides robust protection against identity theft, enhancing overall security.

With its cutting-edge technology, advanced features and capabilities, and unparalleled security, BAE Tech is ideal for those seeking control over their online personal data and transactions.

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Identity Control

You are in control of your information, who can access it, and how it can be used.

Personalized Experience

Personalized offers and event recommendations based on user preferences, elevating experiences.

Data Chronicle

An IVDT-ID provides a transparent view of your data story, history and transactions.

Peace of Mind

Touch Audit™ allows you to independently verify your account or ticket authenticity, ensuring peace of mind.

Exclusive Ownership

Accounts and purchases are linked biometrically, eliminating chances of theft or loss.

Fraud-Free Marketplace

No need to rely on seller claims - all products, services and events can be validated to ensure authenticity & history records. 

Your digital identity is as unique and distinctive as your fingerprint, accessible solely through facial recognition.

Create yours today!

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