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Woman creating her digital identity by taking a selfie with her phone.

Creating Your Digital Identity

Simple steps to set up and manage your identity

Individual Identity Creation

Crafting your digital identity through advanced verification
BAE Tech offers a comprehensive solution for creating digital identities, also known as an Individual Validated Data Token - ID (IVDT-ID.)  Creating your IVDT-ID involves sophisticated verification through the ChainIT app (the software powering BAE Tech.) Your digital identity undergoes authentication by cross-verifying a captured selfie with your physical ID, and then comparing it to the government ID database. When all three identity templates match, a unique biometric binary code template is generated, becoming your IVDT-ID. 

Through this process, your identity is not only verified but also establishes your connection and involvement in various documents and events. This meticulous, multi-layered verification process ensures the highest level of security and authenticity for your digital identity.
Man's face.
Man's driver license information for digital identity creation.
Man's driver license information for digital identity creation.
BAE Tech's identity verification cross-checks biometric scan and DL ID with government database.
Selfie picture
Scanned ID
Government Database


IVDT-ID Created

Man showing phone screen of how easy it was to create his digital identity (IVDT-ID) on the ChainIT app.
Anyone can create an IVDT-ID. Create yours today!

Anyone can create an IVDT-ID.

It's an easy & straightforward process. 


How to create your IVDT-ID

  • Download the ChainIT app
  • Register with your email and password
  • Take a quick selfie picture
  • Take a picture of the front & back of your government-issued ID
  • Our app will analyze the data for verification
  • Once confirmed, your IVDT-ID is complete & your digital ID is ready to go!
Concrete Wall
ChainIT app screens
Download the ChainIT App
Download the ChainIT App from the Apple Store.
Download the ChainIT App from the Google Store.

With your IVDT-ID, you control your personal information, choosing how it's shared. Carry your digital identity securely across the Web3 ecosystem wherever your journey leads.

BAE Tech is your gateway to authentic and secure digital identities, ensuring your interactions are done in complete truth and transparency. 

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