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Identity Access and Entry Solutions for Entertainment Events

Enhance fan experiences with biometrics authentication, ensuring simple, secure and fast entry into events at stadiums, concert venues, sports arenas, and various entertainment locations.

Elevate the Event Ticketing Experience

BAE Tech's Access and Entry Solutions for Entertainment Events
BAE Tech stands as the ultimate solution for seamless and secure ticket transactions, resales, and entry into various ticketed events, whether at concert halls, stadiums, sports arenas, or other venues. Prioritizing safety, our platform meticulously validates the digital identities of attendees, establishing a fraud-free environment for secure identification and seamless entry into ticketed events. Dedicated to transforming the event ticketing landscape, BAE Tech provides an innovative and reliable solution for event organizers, venue owners and attendees alike.
Happy women at a concert after using BAE Tech to access and enter the venue.

Fair Ticket Access

Mitigate the impact of automated bot purchases that jeopardize genuine fans' ticket access by implementing a secure ticketing platform. This ensures that real fans have equitable access to tickets at release prices, establishing a fair and level playing field for everyone.


Fraud-Free Marketplace

Minimize the occurrence of counterfeiting and scalping by utilizing a secure marketplace. This platform ensures a fraud-free environment for buying, selling, and reselling tickets. It provides verifiable tickets, thereby safeguarding the overall integrity of the event experience for customers.


Identity-Infused Ticketing

Enhance venue accountability by embedding user information, including digital identities, into tickets. This strengthens security and fosters an atmosphere of responsibility. Fans know they can be identified for misconduct or violate event policies, creating a deterrent that contributes to a safer and more responsible event environment.

Employing facial biometrics verification for both ticket purchase and entry, BAE Tech ensures the simplest and most secure authentication experience.

Create your digital identity today!


Transparent Ticketing

Improve ticketing transaction transparency through the Touch Audit feature, ensuring unparalleled openness. Every interaction is recorded and accessible, fostering stronger relationships with artists, teams, attendees, and sponsors by presenting a clear and traceable ticketing history.


Effortless & Secure Entry

Enhance the event experience through a simplified entry protocol, eliminating the need for paper tickets. Streamline entry with an easily accessible, user-friendly digital ticketing solution that verifies accurate ownership, thereby reducing theft and waiting queues at entrances.


Fee-Free Experience

Reduce third-party fees by bypassing traditional ticketing gatekeepers, minimizing costs, and providing a streamlined, user-centric ticket purchasing and entry experience. Empower users with control over access and entry through mobile kiosk ticket scanning, enhancing security and reducing exorbitant ticket fees.

BAE Tech is transforming the ticketing landscape, providing fast and secure access to entertainment events in stadiums, concert halls, sports arenas, and various venues. We prioritize safety with thorough digital identity verification, utilizing facial biometrics technology for ticket purchase and venue entry. BAE Tech introduces an innovative solution, reducing fraud and streamlining venue entry and access protocols by eliminating paper tickets, ultimately enhancing the overall event experience.

Experience a new era of secure, streamlined, and innovative event ticketing with BAE Tech – where every entry is a seamless journey into unforgettable experiences. 

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