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Identity Access and Entry Solutions for Public Buildings

Strengthen security through biometrics-based authentication, ensuring only authorized individuals gain access and entry to public buildings and workplace facilities.

Secure Access, Streamlined Entry

Enhance Building Safety with Digital Identity Verification
Strengthen building security and ensure the safety of visitors and workers with digital identity verification. Leveraging facial recognition technology and digital identities, only authorized individuals gain access to public buildings and workplace facilities. This innovation not only heightens security and safety but also simplifies the entry process, eliminating the necessity for badges or manual verification. BAE Tech's advanced solutions redefine access control, emphasizing safety and efficiency in public buildings, including schools, courthouses, libraries, hospitals, government and federal buildings, and office facilities.

Dynamic Entry Permissions

Enhance security with real-time identity verification monitoring and dynamic permission updates, minimizing unauthorized access. Only authorized individuals gain entry to the building, with tailored permissions granted to those permitted in restricted areas. This ensures a secure and safer environment for all.

Concrete Wall

Biometric Access

Simplify entry and ensure accurate access to the building with BAE Tech's badge-free, automated biometric verification. This reduces human error and enhances efficiency, making it especially valuable in high-traffic environments. Experience a reliable and seamless access process, ensuring security for all.


Building Entry Visibility

Improve building entry and access visibility with biometric identity verification, linking individuals to their access credentials and offering detailed entry history. This ensures heightened security and transparency, enabling stakeholders to effectively monitor and identify those entering and accessing the building or restricted areas within.

By leveraging facial biometrics and digital identities, BAE Tech ensures a seamless yet highly secure authentication experience for accessing public buildings and restricted areas within them.

Digital identity control at your fingertips!


Biometric Data Protection

Safeguard personal information through biometrics verification and IVDTs, minimizing the risks of identity theft and privacy breaches. State-of-the-art encryption and storing identity data on an immutable ledger effectively reduce the risks of data breaches, ensuring the protection of personal information.


Cost-Effective Security

Elevate safety while substantially cutting overhead costs with advanced digital identity verification for building access. Provide an efficient, secure, and budget-friendly alternative for building security, granting users biometric authentication control and minimizing overhead expenses.


Thorough Identity Validation

Fortify security by implementing thorough identity validation with BAE Tech's platform, replacing manual visual checks by security with automated biometric verification. This minimizes human error and enhances efficiency, ensuring accurate identity authentication, especially in high-traffic environments.

BAE Tech is elevating building security, providing fast and secure access to public buildings, including schools, courthouses, libraries, hospitals, government and federal buildings, and office facilities. We prioritize safety with thorough digital identity verification, utilizing facial biometrics technology and immutable ledger technology for building entry and access permissions. BAE Tech introduces an innovative solution, ensuring a seamless and secure environment for individuals entering these spaces.

Transform building access and entry with BAE Tech's advanced solutions, ensuring efficient and secure public buildings through cutting-edge biometric identity verification for a seamless and secure environment.

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